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Photo panoramas (a.k.a. virtual, 3D, or 360-degree panoramas) are some of the most vivid and photorealistic methods of displaying an environment. A 3D image is created on the screen, surrounding the viewer with an image sphere spanning 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically.




Compared with traditional photograps, a 3D panorama presents the viewer with a much greater range of visual information. By controlling the scene with either the mouse or keyboard, it is possible to pan one's view around, zooming in or out on points of interest, and to re-examine the space from any desired angle. Such interaction creates an unprecedented sense of presence within the environment that easily separates 3D panoramas from any other method of visualization. Several panoramas can be joined at shared points ("active zones") through which it is possible to move from one panorama to another, essentialy providing a virtual tour.




There is a wide range of locations suitable for panorama use, including but not limited to: food and entertainment establishments (cafes, restaurants, bars, night clubs, etc.), hotels and resorts, real estate, and tourist locations. Create a sense of uniqueness and originality around an ordinary office, workplace, or relaxation venue (such as fitness center, beauty salon, or sauna). In the hands of creative people, a panorama emphasizes the intended message, such as, for example, the charm of a space created by a designer or an architect. We are able to shoot panoramas in Nuremberg or, upon request, any city in Germany and other countries.




Upon establishing your needs and ideas, we estimate the personnel, time, and labor required to create your panorama. The required photographs will then be professionaly shot, processed, and assembled into a panorama; if several panoramas are made, they will be assembled into a virtual tour. Your website's vistor will then be able to travel through the tour by using thumbnails located at the corner of each panorama, or through clearly labeled "hotspots".




At the end of the process, you may choose to recieve either a CD/DVD of your panorama(s) or a link for a digital download. Your webmaster can then easily integrate the panorama(s) into your website, or you can choose to let us do the work for you. At your convenience, the panoramas can be viewed from either our servers or your own.